Menopause Monologue.

There are two versions of Jenny.

In the bright corner, we have the happy, positive, optimistic lady. Let’s call her Smeagol.
In the drab corner is the enraged, crumbling, volcanic mess. We shall call this one Gollum.

From one day to the next, we do not know which Jenny will show up. Most occasions, Smeagol is the first one to appear, but without warning, Smeagol can turn into Gollum at any given moment.Read More »

Opportunities Taken. Day 12.

I should have started writing this 3 hours ago, but I have been dancing around the living room. And after writing the first sentence, I span around in my chair waving my arms in the air, like I am at a festival.

Today’s dancing sponsored by M/A/R/R/S Pump up the volume and The Prodigy.
The reason I am having trouble sitting down and focusing is that I got great news today.
But more on that next week.

Later I am going to a friends birthday get together. In my previous life, I would have been the life and soul of the party. In my present life, I make excuses to not go to places.
But NO MORE I declare, as I stand on my soapbox.

I watched a mindset reset following on from why you should leave your phone outside the bedroom. Have you given that a go yet? Come on you can do it. What lies are you telling yourself to keep that phone as your bed buddy? The video “You Snooze, You Loose.” explains why you should not be pressing the snooze button.

It was an eye-opener that has kept me from hitting “snooze.” Do not snooze! There is a scientific reason for it. It will mess you up like Samuel L Jackson from a Tarantino movie.

I did my morning routine which we all know by now sets your day off well and keeps it on a great track. Not a U.K railway track, because that is not getting you there. But a mindset track.

Today I chose to skip as my 10-minute exercise. I don’t have a skipping rope as I don’t need one. Instead, I rotated my arms around like I did have one. You don’t need equipment, and you can start indoors. As Nike says, “Just do it.” 

I needed to write about days 6 & 7 for the journal, and it flowed from my mind straight to my fingers dancing on the keyboard. Well, that’s what it felt like as it was going so well, and I am getting faster at typing. I refused typing lessons in school as I was trying so hard not to be a girl back in the ’80s.


When it came to formatting the blog, I was struggling. I could not get it to look right. I was becoming frustrated. I was about to throw in the towel, and as I stood up like a sulking child I 5,4,3,2,1‘d my ass and got it formatted.

Oh yes, I pushed through the invisible barrier and finished what I had started.
I was a little bit smug with myself.
Using this achievement of not giving up to have another dance around the house. This time busting moves on the carpet sponsored by Eminem and Dr.Dre. I have very varied tastes in music.

The 50-day challenge today was to talk to 3 people I do not know. So the party was the perfect place to do this.

Person 1.

I tried to converse with him about the Thai food we were eating, but he was not interested in mixing with me. I didn’t even get offended.

Person 2.

Was a lovely woman and was pushing her husbands business.
Lucky husband.

Person 3.

The lady kept looking at me funnily as I was starting a conversation with her. She asked me “Do you have a Son called Kendal?”

I don’t know about you, but if someone asks me if my child is said person, my first thought is “What has he done?” I replied “Yes, he is mine. Why do you ask?”

The lady then said “I met him at an event when he was about 10-years-old. He was not like the other kids. He was so interested in everything. He was helpful and polite. Plus he had a wicked sense of humour.”
As a Mother when you hear something like that about your child, it is a very proud moment.

My friend whose birthday it was had said “No birthday gifts.” But you’re still going to get a gift for your friend. I had done photo shoots with her Daughter for a project of mine. So as a gift, I had them printed and gave them to her.


She opened them at the party and showed everyone the images. And from that, I got another client.
I had also reconnected with an old friend. And found out there was a great Thai restaurant on my doorstep.


From saying “Yes.” to things and going out and meeting people, I have unexpected work. I do believe that my gratitude list in the morning helped with this also. I had written down “I am grateful for the opportunities coming my way.
The weekend came, and I had quality time with my children and partner. Priceless.

Weekly Roundup.

  • I am grateful I met Fleur at the beginning of the week. Meeting her woke me up to the reality of time wasted.
  • I took opportunities and acted on things.
  • I pushed through when I didn’t feel like it and came out feeling accomplished and relieved I had not given up.
  • I have more energy, and I am getting more into my life.
  • My down days and procrastinating have become less and less.
  • I am sticking to routines and not quitting.
  • My self-talk is healthier, and I am more focused.
  • I don’t seem to have all the menopause symptoms at the moment as I did. I do believe it is because of everything I am doing.
  • I am happy.

What are you doing to change your situation?

Remember, you may not be here in 10 months.

How Low Can Menopause Go?

I had a few minutes before it was time to wake the Teenagers up. I have a quick look at Facebook, and I smile as I see the ‘Timeline memories.’ I’m impressed with what I see.
That girl looks good in those photos. She is full of life, young and has a great figure. I smile at the pictures, and then the realisation hits me. Read More »

So You Win Again Mum.

My Mom broke the ‘Young single mother’ stereotype when she had me. Just turned 17 and she is a Mom. Not that uncommon in the 70s to become a mum.

  • Was she single? Yes.
  • Were we poor? Yes.
  • Was my young Mom a pushover? No.

I did not realise what my mom was doing back then, and I hated her for it.
I thought my mom was evil and mean. I remember saying to my teenage friends ‘‘She hates me. It is not my fault she had me. It’s not fair.’
My Mother was very strict with me. And this was not uncommon in her circle of young mum friends. But what did she do to me that was so bad? She taught me about money. Not how to make money, but how to appreciate and budget. I can hear you all saying ”What a B**ch!” I thought so too.Read More »