The Tug-of-War With My Ego. Day 15.


I am throwing day 15&16 together because they were shit. I woke up happy on day 15. I even had a cold shower for fun. Yes, I know I said, “for fun.” But having a cold shower is fun because it shocks you into childlike giggles. And seriously wakes you up and gets you ready for the day.

Monday’s are my chore days. I choose this day because everyone in the house has gone back to their prisons of work and school. And I get everything in order. I don’t hate chores like most people. I blast music out while I am doing them and dance around with the duster, or break into song with the nozzle of the hoover.Read More »

How Low Can Menopause Go?

I had a few minutes before it was time to wake the Teenagers up. I have a quick look at Facebook, and I smile as I see the ‘Timeline memories.’ I’m impressed with what I see.
That girl looks good in those photos. She is full of life, young and has a great figure. I smile at the pictures, and then the realisation hits me. Read More »