Day 5.

As Ice Cube would say “Today was a good day.” 

Well, this is going surprisingly well. For the 5th day in a row, I get straight out of bed on the alarm. Again, I feel energised and eager for a packed day.

I drove my partner to work today to give him a break from his motorbike. He loves his bike, but in the good old British weather, he is getting battered by the winds and constantly overwatered. He is starting to melt away like the witch from the ‘Wizard of Oz.’ Read More »

So You Win Again Mum.

My Mom broke the ‘Young single mother’ stereotype when she had me. Just turned 17 and she is a Mom. Not that uncommon in the 70s to become a mum.

  • Was she single? Yes.
  • Were we poor? Yes.
  • Was my young Mom a pushover? No.

I did not realise what my mom was doing back then, and I hated her for it.
I thought my mom was evil and mean. I remember saying to my teenage friends ‘‘She hates me. It is not my fault she had me. It’s not fair.’
My Mother was very strict with me. And this was not uncommon in her circle of young mum friends. But what did she do to me that was so bad? She taught me about money. Not how to make money, but how to appreciate and budget. I can hear you all saying ”What a B**ch!” I thought so too.Read More »

My Child is ‘Damien’ From the Horror Movie.

My Daughter, the quiet child with the big blue eyes who loves animals. Never showed aggression or anger. Cuddles and her little fluffy ‘‘Rabby.’’ soft toy is what she is about. She always went to bed happily, never a problem and she fell asleep naturally.

I am so lucky as a parent to have an easy-going child. I have always said the best part about being a parent is when they are sleeping. I always checked on her before I went to bed. My sleeping angel tucked up for the night. Read More »

What I Wish I’d Known Before Becoming a Mother.

I Never Wanted to be a Mother.

I saw motherhood as a restriction. In a cage like a bird, trapped. People asked ”Why don’t you have children?” It wasn’t good enough to say ‘‘I don’t want any.” Their faces changed to an expression of confusion. So my explanations would have to be more in-depth. I had loads of reasons why I didn’t want children. I loved my freedom, and I travelled when I wanted to. All my money was my own, and I worked hard. Read More »