The First Day

March 4th 2019.

After watching the video of the 5-second rule, I felt energised and put things into action.

  • I exercised, only for 10 minutes but I did it, and I felt great.
  • I started writing again. I have always loved writing. But in my constant self-loathing, I stopped because my self-pity overwhelmed me. My writing was the start of this journal.
  • I got a job! Oh yes, I did.

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35 Days to Change My Life.

I have been thinking a lot about my life recently. How different it is, and how different I am. I miss the old me. The risk taker, the lover of life, the girl that did everything she wanted to do. The girl that worked hard and loved to do so.

My life used to be exciting, fun and fulfilled. Now I look at it and think “What the fluff happened?” I am now full of self-doubt, fear and self-loathing. My life does not seem to have panned out how I thought it would. I blame no one at all and never have except for myself. Read More »