About Jenny

After working in top-end restaurants around the world and then having a successful childcare business. I now only do what I love to do. I coach netball for the local teens. I am a professional photographer and a writer. Oh and let’s not forget I am also a parent guiding two teenagers through the assault course called ‘life.’

As a writer, I understand the importance of keywords, SEO and delivering captivating articles. I have different writing styles to accommodate clients preferences.
My ideal client is someone who knows what they want and trusts me to deliver, building a professional, relaxed, fun working relationship.

Here is a snippet from my favourite article,

The Hunger Games Guide to the New M.O.T. Rules.

“My car will not be getting the pamper session as it is in survival mode. I sat at my desk when I got the call. ” It’s not good news, I’m afraid.” said the mechanic. I pleaded, begged and sobbed.
“Please, I don’t want another, fix him. I can’t be without him”
“I’m sorry.” came the reply “It’s MAJOR.”
I look at my wallet, heart saddened and shoulders slumped, with desperate thoughts rushing through my head.
The realisation that President Snow had won the battle, as my beloved goes into intensive care. Please all take the time to send my car positive thoughts throughout your day. I, thank you all at this difficult time.”