Let’s Get Living. Day 9&10.

I am combining two days journal in this post. With Fleurs words ringing around my head, I don’t know how I got here.” And with the realisation that none of us knows if we are guaranteed tomorrow, Remember YOU MIGHT NOT BE HERE NEXT YEAR! I was up and looking forward to my day. I’ll be damned if I let my life slip away.

Let’s get living.

I had not done my morning routine yesterday, and I was tired and had no energy. I was not going to let today be the same. Before I look at any social media or pick my phone up in the mornings I become action taker. I have been doing this for nearly three weeks, and it is liberating.

  • I planned my day,
  • Made the teenager’s lunches,
  • Cleaned the house,
  • Had a shower,
  • Had a coffee,
  • 50-day confidence challenge,
  • and had driven my partner to work, which is a 1hour and 10 mins round trip.
    All before 9:30 a.m.

Did you get that? I did all that before 9:30 A.M. 

I am proud of everything I did before 9:30 a.m. I felt energised and accomplished. All before 9:30 a.m. If you are honest with yourself, you do not need to check your phone when you first open your eyes. You do not need to scroll social media. But everybody does it.

social media

You scroll through social media and believe it or not, that sets your mindset for the day. You’re either looking at people moaning, people bragging or people selling. I have done it and been pissed off before I have pulled the duvet back.
Interestingly, the less I look at social media the less I want to look at social media.


But it started with applying this trick from Mel robbins Mindset reset. I know some people will not even try it, saying “No, I have to have my phone next to my bed.” No, you don’t, get a grip of yourself. You are worth so much more than your phone.

I dare you to try it and see what happens. Challenge yourself and have a little fun. If anything, it will give you something different to talk about the next day. I will double dare you to leave your phone alone in the morning.

I feel I have more freedom without it. I am genuinely happier to have rules for my phone. I feel like my phone is my bitch now, and not the other way around.

My 50-day challenges for the next two days were

  1. Savour a cup of coffee or tea.
    I did this with coffee and have not had a coffee since. While I was savouring the coffee, I realised it tasted of ash. I know everyone has different tastes buds, but mine was giving me a pallet of ash.
    I don’t think that was supposed to be the outcome, but I am thrilled it is. I kept promising my son I would stop drinking coffee, and his eye rolling was laying heavy guilt on me.
  2. Get rid of 3 things that I no longer use.
    I am not a hoarder in any sense, but I do have stuff in cupboards because “Just in case.” Before I knew it, I had a car boot half full. Clothes, books, utensils. Someone else will appreciate the items I had sitting in cupboards. It gave me a good feeling. All because I decluttered a little.

The Good stuff

  1. I have now arranged an interview with a woman regarding a teaching position. (My preferred job.)
  2. They had received “Excellent.” references for me. (Yay me.)
  3. I had danced a lot around the house. (Burning calories and feel good factor.)
  4. Everyone in my house is happy. (And that is with 2 teenagers.)
  5. I had a message from someone saying “I look forward to reading your journal every night.” (That was so gratifying to hear.)
  6. I got to fit in some mindset reset videos. (Kept my mind filled with good stuff which means less air time for bad stuff.)
  7. I practised visualisation. (Need more practice as this does not come naturally to me.)
  8. I got to work on my writing. (Which I love, one day someone is going to pay me to write.)
  9. I went on my second training session and had lots of laughs with the clients.
  10. I got to see Fleur again. Even though Fleur repeated how she “did not want to be here.” I made her giggle.
  11. I danced again. (Sponsored by Missy Elliot and Chaka Khan.)

If you knew what state my mindset was in before I started the mindset reset videos, you would not believe me. It was a bloody mess.

Everything is a choice. I made a choice to kick my arse. Not just for me, but I am my children’s example in life.

You might next be here next year. 

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