Day 5.

As Ice Cube would say “Today was a good day.” 

Well, this is going surprisingly well. For the 5th day in a row, I get straight out of bed on the alarm. Again, I feel energised and eager for a packed day.

I drove my partner to work today to give him a break from his motorbike. He loves his bike, but in the good old British weather, he is getting battered by the winds and constantly overwatered. He is starting to melt away like the witch from the ‘Wizard of Oz.’

He sent me a text after I dropped him off. He said how much he had “enjoyed the time spent in the car together”, and how much fun he had listening to me. I do think I am funny when I am 100% myself. In all honesty, I think that’s why he got a bike because I was a miserable cow before I started taking control of my life back.

Being up and out in the car at that time in the morning I got to see the beautiful colours in the sky. It was hard to watch the road because the Sun was a big ball of orange. One of those moments that make you feel grateful to be alive.

Today I am so happy to be writing all day. I get a lot of time today to start writing the journal side of the 35 days to change your life. The house is bloody freezing. So I have a hot water bottle at my feet, and I write away.

First, Things First.

I watch a mindset reset on “default thinking.” The task today is to notice when my thoughts default negatively. That was an eye-opener. You would not believe how many times your thoughts automatically go to a negative.
Telling you “You’re no good at that.“, or “You can’t do that.” It is crazy that we speak to ourselves so badly and we do it without even knowing we do it.


What have you talked yourself out of? You have to stop it. Stop it now. You are hurting yourself and the people around you. I am a role model for my children and I do not want them putting themselves down and feeling rubbish about themselves. It is damaging perfect goods.

I complete the first draft of why I am doing the 35 days. I have to be honest in the blog because I want people to understand that behind my door I have gone down a path that is not healthy.

I am not always happy and confident as they see me. But I am prepared to take control of my life and do something about it. They can follow the journal and see they can do it too if they choose. I have all these positive changes happening, and I have not got into Mel Robbins full training yet.

My 50-day confidence challenge today is to take a walk in nature with a friend or family. I have the plan to do this with my partner later on that evening. Both my teenagers are out this evening, so I take the opportunity to spend quality time with my partner.

We have a nice dinner planned with wine and a movie. We don’t go out and spend lots of money. We buy the ingredients, and he re-creates a meal we had from a restaurant. It was delicious.

I did exactly everything I had planned today.

  • I finished my blog and got it published.
  • I practised visualisation. I saw myself on stage public speaking. I’d love that as a profession.
  • I saved my partner from the elements. Browny points bagged. Thank you.
  • I dealt with another situation I had previously put off. More bricks taken from my shoulders.
  • We went for a walk, and it did not matter that the weather was horrid. It was fun being blown into the bushes.
  • My partner and I cooked dinner together. Chatted a lot while drinking weirdly named beers. ‘Woo Loo Moo Loo’ was one of them.
  • And just in time for the movie teenager number 1 came back home. Yay!
    You might think it was a sarcastic “Yay.” But I love it when Teenager 1 watches a movie with us because normally she declines.

I worked and drove a lot today. That took up a lot of time. But I still worked on myself and stuck to the plan. And the best thing?

I still got to spend quality time with the family doing real things.

“I got to say it was a good day.” – Ice Cube

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