The Third Day.

Even I’m surprised that I am still jumping out of bed when my alarm goes off. Not only I am happy to do so, but I also am eager to fill my day.

Today is the first day of the 50-day confidence challenge.

This challenge is doing one small thing a day to build your confidence in yourself.
Today’s challenge is to take a cold shower. Okayyyyyyyy. I have never been brave enough to take cold showers, though I know they are beneficial for you. I tell myself “I’m going to do this, it’s going to be fun. It can’t be that bad.” 

I get into the shower but decide I need a warm one first. I have to wash my hair properly. I managed to convince myself. I start with the hot shower. Then I step from underneath and turn the dial to the blue line. I test the water with my hand, and it is freezing. I pull away quickly.

Now I could easily not do this and make out I did do it, but I am holding myself accountable. I desire to have the feeling of accomplishment and to go to bed knowing that I followed through. I am going to do this!

Happy Baby

To my surprise, I started giggling. I was giggling like an excited little girl. If anyone could see me they would probably put me in a straight jacket. 5,4,3,2,1 hold my breath and I step under the shower. Yes, it is bloody freezing. Oh, my word it is cold. After a few seconds, it didn’t seem that cold. I got used to the temperature and I quite liked it.


I felt more awake and energised. And I felt very pleased with myself. I did something I would not normally do, and I felt fantastic.

I watched a few of the mindset reset videos because I wanted to fill my mind with good stuff. Or maybe I just got carried away. I watched 2-5. The videos covered “How to think better” and “Appreciation.” We all have things we can appreciate. But the more you appreciate and are grateful for, the more the good stuff will come to you. If you could choose to think better things, would you? Of course, you would.

Don’t forget to put 3 things on a post-it note and place it on the back of your phone.
My 3 main things to go on a post-it note on my phone today are:

  • Make pancakes with children.
  • Start my journal to document how the 35 days to changing my life goes.
  • Spend time with my children.

I know I am going to be starting a job soon, so I want to make sure I have a good routine going. I want to continue moving forward and getting the best out of my life.

My Son was in bed ill today. So while he was on the sofa, I worked from my desk. It was a good set up for both of us. I do my mindset reset morning routine, and I attack the day with purpose.

Everything I want to get done and things I have to do all get done with ease and a spring in my step. Most importantly, I even got to take the time to watch a movie with my Son and make pancakes with my Daughter. We had so much fun making pancakes together. She thought it was hilarious how bad I was making them and she had to show me “How to do it properly.”
So a successful day I’d say. Lots of quality time with the children and my day planner completed. Also taking the cold shower led to a few fun conversations that day.

If I had not been doing the mindset reset, I would have used my Sons illness to mooch around and watch Netflix all day. I would have done some overthinking which would have led to worrying. Then I would have been pissed with myself that I wasted another day. This might not seem much to some of you. But Everything was accomplished and everyone was happy. I made clear choices. You can too.

That is a successful day and not a wasted day.

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