Day 2.

My Alarm wakes me up. 5,4,3,2,1, throw back the covers and up I get. That was not as hard as I thought it would be. I felt great about my day before it had started. I had things to do. I wanted to do as much as I could, and I was looking forward to it.

I had my first coffee in the morning, and my usual next step is to make another one. I went to pick up the kettle and saw the bananas. My hand reached for the banana instead.
I made a smoothie. I like smoothies, but I have never chosen one over a coffee before. Let’s carry on and see what happens. I felt good making that choice, and the smoothie was yummy.

Eager to start my day.

Jumping up

I watch another video of Mel Robbins and the title was “How to find your passion.”
I was looking forward to this video. I was hoping I was finally going to find out how to find my passion that I had been searching for 6 years and counting.

For 6 years, I had been hung up on the questions “What is my purpose? What is my passion?”I have been stagnant in life and scoured the internet and self-help books for years telling myself “If I knew my purpose I’d be happy.”I was holding myself back. And today I am going to have the answers today. I was excited.

I had spent a lot of money in the past doing different courses, thinking they would provide me with answers. They never did. And here is Mel Robbins giving it to me for free.

Surprisingly, it was not the answer I was looking for, but it was the answer.
I sat back thinking “Of course that’s what it is. It is so obvious now.”
I felt relieved.
That one thing that had been holding me back was lifted. I felt I could move forward with speed now. From How to find your passion video I got free confidence challenges to do for 50 days.

Bring it on!

Most people think I am very confident. And yes, some times I am. But a lot of the time it is false confidence. The one where some people think you are arrogant. It is 10:00 a.m. My hands are typing faster than I can think. I am really excited about life again. It is such a fantastic feeling.

I wrote 3 things on my post-it note that I want to get done today.

  1. 60 seconds of visualising the sun on my skin.
  2. Clear out my desk drawers.
  3. Finish oiling the table I had sanded.

They might seem small things, but they are things that need doing and I am doing them. By the time my children came home from school, I had finished all three jobs and had done much more. I love the new me. I set up my new morning routine, and I am ready to start the 50-day confidence challenge.

My Morning Routine.

  • My phone stays outside my bedroom.
  • The alarm goes off, and I am straight out of bed.
  • I write 3 things I want completing that day and stick it to the back of my phone.
  • 60 seconds visualisation of something I want to happen.
  • 50-day confidence challenge(more on this tomorrow.)
  • A mindset reset video.
  • My day Planner.
  • 10 min of exercise or dancing.

This may seem a lot, but it is all done before 9 a.m. with coffee in between. I am getting up earlier with no problems because of my new morning routine. I am organised and energised. 

A big plus is my family have noticed I am happier and full of life.

Yay me!

Thank you Mel Robbins

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