The First Day

March 4th 2019.

After watching the video of the 5-second rule, I felt energised and put things into action.

  • I exercised, only for 10 minutes but I did it, and I felt great.
  • I started writing again. I have always loved writing. But in my constant self-loathing, I stopped because my self-pity overwhelmed me. My writing was the start of this journal.
  • I got a job! Oh yes, I did.

So this is a big one. I had to bring in some finances as my creative side was not bringing any money. Things were getting desperate financially. I applied for a job over a month ago and had an interview. All seemed well, but I heard nothing back.

For the first few weeks, I thought “I’ll give it another week, and then I shall contact them.” I was putting it off because I had no confidence in speaking with them. I was talking myself out of taking action because I was scared. “What if the company decided I was not right for the position?” Taking no action was throwing me into a world of mental anguish. I could not live like this any longer. 

No More.

The Phone Call

Taking action on the 5-second rule, I grabbed the phone without thinking and called the manager. I was not even nervous because I gave myself no time to think about it.
The manager told me they were waiting for my “references to come back.”

Using the 5-second rule again I contacted the people I had asked for a reference and gave them a gentle reminder. I would never have done that in the past. I would have thought it would make me look desperate. Pride used to get in my way a lot.

Guess what? I did not die of shame. I felt ok asking for something. That was a new thing for me. A big thing. By the end of the day, everyone confirmed they had sent the references.

Being polite I waited another week and heard nothing. I became anxious and started worrying about money. Then something in my brain switched. 543 I grabbed the phone and messaged the manager.

Her reply was “Your checks have come back all clear, so as soon as your ready you can start shadowing and learning.” I only got to 5,4,3 and took action. I did not need the 2,1.
If I had not taken action, I would still be sitting here crying over lack of money and waiting for someone else. I took action and every time I did things moved forward fast.

Here’s another tip; First thing in the morning, write three things on a post-it note. Three things you want to get done that day, and put it on the back of your phone. That way it is reminding you throughout your day to get them done.

It felt amazing telling my partner and children that I took action and something good happened.

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