How 15 Seconds Can Keep You Out of Trouble

WARNING! Putting this into practice will scare all of those around you.

When you do 15 seconds the correct way, you will ease through your day. You will have a crooked smile or a content look, that no one will understand. People will look at you and be confused as to how you appear to float through stressful situations like The Beauxbaton girls from Harry Potter.

We have all been in situations when all we want to do is turn into a rampaging hero and have the pleasure of destroying all that upset us. With just one punch straight on the nose. Not just that, we want everyone applauding us for it while we take a bow. Be honest with yourself. You know you have had those thoughts. I have, plenty of times.

Some of you have made the connection with your fist hitting a face, and no applause was forthcoming. Some kept the frustration in and went home and cried rocking themselves to sleep at what could have been, had you released your vengeance on that particular person. While others went and told a story of what they wish had happened in the situation, only they had a starring movie role.


I have been using the 15-second trick for 4 years. I am no Guru. I have not remembered to use it in every stressful situation. Sometimes my ego has got the better of me and taken over. Which only resulted in bringing more stress to me and making me not so pretty. When I have used the trick, I have had to hold myself together and stop myself from laughing at other peoples rage.

15 second memory

Some would say it is “positive thinking.” It is much more than that. You take a memory that brings you joy and relive it for 15 seconds. Yes, that’s it. 15 seconds to change your outlook. I have done this successfully time and time again. When this becomes a habit, you will observe other people and wonder why they are reacting to situations the way they are. Now, this may sound absurd to do if you are in a stressful situation. But when you do the 15 seconds and think of something that makes you happy, everything changes. You can’t help being happy. You look at what is going on around you differently. You can’t help but think other people are crazy for getting so stressed out.

I learned the trick from Andy Shaw creator of ‘A bug-free mind‘. I have taught friends to do this, and they use it daily in their lives. When they are stressed, they stop and remember a time that made them happy and Voila they have a renewed energy and calm. I have used this trick with challenging companies, Irate people, and any position I have found myself in which is not healthy. It has worked every time I have used it. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying the other people change and become my new best friend forever. I am saying “I am Batfink” from the 80’s cartoon. Do you remember Batfink?

“Your bullets cannot harm me, my wings are like a shield of steel!”

Everything they throw at me just bounces off me. I get to carry on and have a pleasant day. So, go on, get a memory. Take a few minutes and go and have some fun thinking of some of your best times. Some of you are probably thinking “I don’t have any good memories.” or “What sort of memory?” We all have a good memory somewhere locked away.

Here are some examples of my own.

  • My children when they were toddlers washing their hair in a rain puddle.
  • The heat of the sun on my skin.
  • Playing netball.
  • My Mom brushing my hair for hours when I was a little girl.
  • Christmas day with the family playing the pea game.

I will never forget a specific time I used the 15-second trick in a school playground.
A situation had occurred with a parent who wore rose tinted glasses when it came to her child. I remember her storming up to me and screaming at me in front of a playground full of parents. The look on her face was pure venom. I think she must have said about three words, not nice ones either. As she was screaming in my face, I thought of a great memory and held it. I know she was getting angrier, I saw it in her face. I honestly do not know what she was saying though. It was like I had turned off the volume. I did not hear her at all. When she had finished, the woman stormed off fiercely. I remember thinking “She would be very pretty if she smiled.” I did not even bother to watch her go. The incident did not affect me. I was impressed at how I managed to the 15 seconds and how I never heard a word she screamed. Other parents came over afterwards and congratulated me on how I handled the problem parent. The woman had a reputation for making other parents cry.

pleasant evening

I continued to have a lovely evening and gave it no more thought. Do you think the woman who screamed her way around the playground had a nice evening? I don’t, I think it would have taken up quite a lot of her time and certainly raised her blood pressure. If I had reacted to her, I would have had a lot of explaining to do to the children in my care at the time. I forgot to mention I was a Childminder back then.



Why don’t you give it a go? Start writing down some positive memories.
When you wake up in the morning relive one of those memories. It is a great way to start the day. We all have 15 seconds to make us happier. We have lots of pockets of 15 to make us happier. Yes even you, the one saying “I don’t.”
Start using the 15 seconds when you are in a traffic jam, or if someone is being difficult, or before you are about to enter a difficult situation. Practice in a quiet room first. A great advantage is, it keeps you young and beautiful. No need for that expensive cream. You will be invincible. Just like Batfink.

If you need some help with suggestions on positive memories, send me a message.


8 thoughts on “How 15 Seconds Can Keep You Out of Trouble

  1. […] I wrote about the 15seconds a few weeks ago. People wrote to me stating they “appreciated the technique and was going to try it.” I sat in a quiet room and closed my eyes and picked a memory. The memory was my children and me in Turkey last year, competing against each other in the pool. The game being who could stand on the inflatable ring the longest. I heard the laughter, the splashes of the water as we fell in. I felt the heat of the sun on my skin and my children jumping on my back to pull me from the ring. The memory lasted longer than 15 seconds and I was laughing out loud during those seconds. I now feel so much better. […]


  2. I have set my phone to remind me every hour, it reminds me of being in the here and now and to think for 15 to 20 seconds about something nice.
    Mind you, this does not have to be a memory, some people find it hard to remember something nice, but you can also take something you would like to happen in the future, something that would make you very happy if it would occur.
    This works miracles once you get used to it and it became very addictive for me very fast. I love thinking about all those wonderful things I have, have had and will get.
    I simply am happy and peaceful, almost all the time, in spite of my life, which is getting better now.

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